Welcome to Yoganastics

I offer one to one and group yoga classes– operating in North London and Hertfordshire.

Through Yoganastics, I deliver tailored yoga sessions for children aged five-years through to adults – including teaching for individuals with special needs.

I’m a trained specialist who provides a friendly and supportive environment for learning and practicing yoga, whether you are a beginner or a budding expert.

Yoganastics will help you build strength and flexibility as well as confidence and self esteem.

Book a class to see for yourself and experience positive change in your life.

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  • I Have been practicing Yoga since the age of 18 & now 42 is has become my life's routine. Being introduced to Rina was a blessing. I have never practiced yoga quite like it. I love the way she works her way around the class making personal adjustments to achieve perfect postures. A true perfectionist & passionate to see her class Practicing safely. Rina's Yoga Classes have taught me so much. Awareness to my alignment, how to trust my own ability, living in the now & most importantly to have fun in class. Loving Yourself is the journey to happiness & with Rina's guidance you will find connection within yourself. Love , Peace & Happiness Amanda White Robertson

  • Rina is an inspiring, informative and calm teacher. It is always a pleasure to attend her classes. She is very clear in her instructions and patient when you are finding something tricky. No matter what experience of yoga you have had, you can guarantee that you will leave feeling that you have worked hard and achieved a lot. Her attention to detail and encouragement inspires you to work as hard as you can during class which means that you feel stronger and more capable very quickly. I also attend family yoga classes with Rina. My daughters love her classes because she makes it fun but still encourages good, safe practice. She has a lovely manner with children which gives them confidence in their abilities. Debbie Bedford

  • Amanda White Robertson
  • Debbie Bedford

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doesn’t come from what you can do.

It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.